Handling your data across platforms

There has never been as many opportunities to measure the impact of marketing campaigns, but there has never been as many chances to get it wrong.

Digital channels have led to an explosion in available data, offering the chance for marketers to engage, personalise and attribute the success of campaigns. It does, however mean challenges in terms of data management, avoiding short-termism and a slavish devotion to efficiency over meaningful measures of effectiveness. Constant changes in digital platforms mean marketers in 2018 need to be on he ball and more analytical than they ever have been.

Catch PR can help you navigate your way through this complex environment and provide advice on:

  • Turning data into insight and most importantly business outcomes
  • Managing the plethora of data from different sources across different platforms
  • Developing meaningful measures of attribution
  • Developing channel by channel strategies
  • Using data to drive strategy

If you need help with social media, public relations, e-mail marketing and managing all the data – then we can help your business.