Online & Offline Marketing

Although the principals of marketing have not changed, there is now much more to think about with the advent of digital marketing and the requirements of the internet and today’s search engines. Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and social media campaigns need to be focused on your end goal with clear objectives in mind.

At Catch PR we offer a range of services to enhance your marketing programme and to target and deliver existing and new customers to your business.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies all have a place in today’s world with many people still wishing to receive information via publications, newspapers, newsletter and other traditional print media.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is where the future lies as internet and mobile technologies advance at an unprecedented rate and more and more people are using hand held and mobile devices for all their information services. Digital Marketing therefore has to be embraced and we Catch PR can help you to achieve your objectives with a focused and targeted campaign.

Email Marketing

Get stright to your customers inbox with a professionally designed and branded email campaign. We can use a database you provide or source data for your target market and promote your business in a professional, exciting and modern way.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO has changed massively over the last couple of years with Google and the other search engines needing websites to be better organised and “filed” in the right place so that the end user can find the best solutions to their enquiry. Catch PR offer a set range of SEO services to make the website more visible and to ensure that it can be found on search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has drastically changed the market place and is now a huge influencer in all online and marketing activities. Rather like other new technologies, once you are on a social media programme you will wonder how you managed without it! The real criteria here is that it is time consuming to set up and get a rolling programme up and running. Catch PR can help you to reach your social media objectives by setting up and running an on-going campaign.