Social Media Management

With the right content Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can have many benefits to your business. Social Media is great for promoting a product or service, reinforcing your brand or creating your identity.

Catch PR can help you reach your social media objectives by setting up and running your social media accounts. We offer tailored, integrated campaigns that can drive traffic to your website and increase your following as well as offer sponsored and promoted packages to widen the demographic reach of your business.

Your Facebook page alone might not have the reach that you want to promote your business. We can help with solutions that will increase your reach and widen your business potential and audience.

Facebook, Twitter and other platform account setup and maintenence

We can assist in setting up your platform and provide professional, consistent branded headers and promotional imagery to enhance your online presence.

Promoted and sponsored social media campaign management

If you want to reach a wider audience, then you will need to set aside a budget in order to promote your platform and posts. This can be a low cost but effective way of reaching a targeted demographic to promote brand awareness.

Social and viral videos to increase engagement on your accounts

Catch PR can create anything from small viral videos to full corporate presentations. Videos are an effective and communicative way of reaching your audience which also increases your engagement.

Social media marketing strategy and planning

We can offer a full marketing strategy for social media with planned campaigns to support launches, special announcements and general communication to your audience.