Digital Copying & Printing

Full colour or black and white digital copying & printing is available at our office in Thorpe-le-Soken. We can create copies from original hard copies or from digital media such as pen drives or SD cards. We can print up to SRA3 but carry limited paper and card stock so if there’s something specific that you need then please be sure to get in touch with us first as we’d have to arrange a delivery of special paper stock and this will incur an extra charge if it isn’t part of the standard range we carry. Please be sure to telephone the office for an appointment first as we are a small office and we need to ensure that there is someone on hand to deal with your requirements. Call 01255 860 976 and speak to one of our team.

100gsm A4 A4 A3 A3
B&W Colour B&W Colour
1 to 10 8.5p 49p 18p 95p
11 to 49 8p 45p 17p 90p
50 to 99 7.5p 40p 16p 85p
100 to 249 7p 37p 15p 80p
250 to 499 6.5p 35p 14p 70p
500 to 999 6p 33p 13p 60p
1000 to 2499 5.5p 30p 12p 50p
2500 to 4999 5p 27p 11p 45p
170gsm A4 A4 A3 A3
B&W Colour B&W Colour
1 to 10 14p £1.10 35p £1.90
11 to 49 13p 90p 27p £1.70
50 to 99 12p 80p 25p £1.60
100 to 249 11p 70p 22p £1.40
250 to 499 10p 60p 21p £1.05
500 to 999 9p 50p 18p 91p
1000 to 2499 8p 45p 16p 70p
2500 to 4999 7p 40p 15p 60p