Are your likers, followers and target market seeing your social posts?

Social engagement has become increasingly important to business for marketing to a target audience. A lot of small businesses depend upon the page likes to reach potential customers and engage them in what they have to say or sell. A lot of small businesses have been warned for years that even those people who like their page might not actually see any posts on their timelines as Facebook algorithms constantly evolve.

Facebook marketing is about to get a whole lot more difficult! With changes coming very soon, Facebook intends to go back to its roots and share things among friends. Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular as a medium to engage people and create a ‘buzz’ by indulging peoples needs for the instant fix of trending news.

If you have any plans in your marketing strategy about social advertising, increasing likes and engagement – then you are going to need a budget! You’re also going to need a plan and some knowledge on the basics of live streaming your events, products or business. Although better than a still image or no image at all, viral videos have taken a slight downturn in favour of ‘live’ media and this can attract audiences in their thousands. Whether you’re a Facebook Live fan or a Periscope video Tweeter, this media is sure to only grow in popularity.

The BBC released an interesting article on some Facebook changes today which we’d like to share. We think it’ll have all of our customers thinking about their social media plans and hope it will make you understand the importance of having an advertising budget for this platform – no matter how many followers you have, as none of them are guaranteed to see anything you post. If you’d like some help or advice from the professionals, then please contact us or see our social media page where we offer everything from page construction to full strategic marketing campaigns.