Would you like to attract new customers to your business?

Direct mail campaigns can be an effective way to boost customer numbers. We cover all local areas around Tendring for leaflet distribution.

Leaflet distribution can be targeted using Postcodes, Map Areas, Towns, Counties or Mosaic Profiling. Catch PR offers leaflet distribution with short lead times and a quick easy direct mail design process. The biggest advantage of direct mail campaigns is the undivided attention of the recipient.

Direct mail design

We will talk to you about the direct mail campaign and what you are hoping to achieve and this will be reflected in the individual design of your leaflet / postcard that we can do for you. Our designs are bespoke, eye-catching, and branded to your business. The design process could not be simpler – we do it all for you.

Leaflet distribution

Leaflet Distribution is the simplest brand marketing strategy in today’s market place. What better way to ensure that your message reaches the homes of your target market than by landing your leaflet /postcard directly onto their doormats?

Catch PR offers solus leaflet distribution service so your leaflet is delivered to individual homes. Solus leaflet distribution will always provide the best possible returns because your leaflet will be delivered on its own, meaning that it will not be competing with anything else on the doormat, leading to a greater chance of being kept and read. We use this method as our distribution standard. From conception to delivery our all inclusive service is fast and efficient. We offer a comprehensive leaflet distribution service including professional design and printing of leaflets, expert consultancy and distribution.

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