Personal interaction and customer retention for brands

Outreach marketing looks at how humans learn about new information and weaving this into all communication and marketing strategies. It fundamentally takes marketing back to its roots and aims to focus on the human to human connection and to understand consumer behaviour. The aim is to simplify the confusion that “jargon” has caused and to bring marketing back to a more coherent level. Therefore, marketers will connect with their consumers rather than market to them.

People are more inclined to listen to third party recommendations rather than a brand trying to convince them that they are the best. Brands can try to highlight their quality and values to ensure they remain front of mind. In order to achieve this, a brand could potentially reach out to customers or clients willing to highlight the quality of a businesses offer. A lot of brands do this by using reliable bloggers and vloggers that have a great following and that their followers trust for genuine reviews. These ‘influencers’ can have the power to persuade their millions of followers as younger generations shift from traditional media to on demand, live streaming and video searching.

Outreach marketing heavily relies on reaching out to the right people to help tell your brand’s story. This could be done by either contacting individuals with a large social presence or simply a thrilled consumer who takes it upon themselves to show how much they love the service provided. It is important to identify who is already talking positively about your brand and communicate with them to create conversations on different social media platforms. Creating conversations is a big buzz for marketing in 2018!

This type of marketing in a sense, ditches the traditional campaign model and embraces relationships with consumers and hopes to keep the relationships ongoing. To ensure this occurs, the brand should reach out to new people. However, the focus should be on those who already show their loyalty to the brand and keeping those relationships. Customer retention has always been important in strategic marketing campaigns, but all of the focus now is to make this as personal as possible.

Marketing in this way has a strong focus on the authenticity and relevance in contrast to the numerical qualifiers. SEO, social presence and followers all fall into place due to the authentic marketing created as well as brand recommendations. When reaching out to new people, it is important to focus on their content, how much they engage with their followers and how authentic they are.