Responsive web design

search engine optimised

An online presence is essential in today’s business world and Catch PR can provide affordable websites for every kind of business.

From basic one page sites for the small business to extensive and highly interactive sites with a multitude of links for large worldwide corporations, we can provide a cost effective design, build and update service to suit all requirements.

Domain Name Registration

Every website needs a domain name. We can advise what the best name available is for your website based on your business type and title. You want a website but you haven’t got a domain name and the whole process of finding one is daunting.

Fear not, Catch PR offers this service and will find the right name for your company at an affordable price.

Website Hosting

Having a website is one thing; actually setting up the space on the world wide web for that site is quite another.

Catch PR we can take care of all the time consuming legwork so that you can get on and build your empire.

Website Design

We specialise in supplying WordPress websites with their own content management systems (CMS) so that updating the sites can easily be done without using expensive software. Websites now have to fulfil all sorts of criteria in terms of content and structure, and responsive design (making the websites mobile friendly) is now a must have for all new websites.

Catch PR has a wide range of services for your website development and on-going packages for website maintenance and search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media management.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With the growing demand on search engines to deliver the best results for their enquirers, website owners have a responsibility to get their house in order and to ensure that their websites are organised to meet search engine requirements. This will in turn deliver results in terms of increased traffic on your website. Catch PR offer SEO services to enhance your search engine position.


As in the printed media, Newsletters form a highly effective way of updating a target audience on the developments and news within your business and are an excellent means of staff communication in a larger organisation. E-newsletters have many of the same advantages as printed newsletters, but without the additional cost of printing. Distribution to an email database is also less expensive, same standard of design, same standard of writing but without the cost of printing. We will distribute the e-newsletter for you via email which saves on costs and helps save the rainforest too!

Be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, we can write, design and edit your e-newsletter, as well as distribute it, all for a cost effective price.